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Joined a company in 2017


1. Reasons of joining a company, current work contents

I have worked in abroad (New Zealand) for about 2 years and entered this company after coming back to Japan. After I came back to Japan, I was looking for a job that I could use my language skill. Then, Cooled Inc. was looking for a worker as a translator to translate Japanese manuals into English. I had no work experience of translating, but be able to use English ability was very attractive to me so I decided to challenge.

I started to work as a part-time worker. There were a lot of operations that I didn’t know but my immediate supervisor and colleagues were very kind to me so there wasn’t much stress. I am now working as a full-time worker with permanent contract and translating manuals and even making Japanese manual.

2. Work reward and attractiveness of the company

The members of our office are really diverse. Everyone have specific hobbies and talents so hearing many kinds of those stories are very interesting. (Some of us are really good at shougi-Japanese chess, one worker is making Noh-mask as a professional artist) Atmosphere of the office is very calm and relaxing as well. In addition, the company permits many kinds of work style. Not only full-time job, but also part-time job, working at your home, etc...When you think about your life planning, you can be very relieved.

Personally, I am gradually getting used to specialized technical terms and the range of tasks that can be entrusted has expanded. But of course, there are still many things to learn, so I would like to gain more experience and improve my skills to handle larger projects.

3. What kind of people would you like to join to your team?

Whether you are a new graduate or a mid-career, I think the new workplace is both exciting and anxious. In fact, when I first came to the interview, I was also a little nervous. However, the interviews I had twice were both cozy and I was able to quickly become familiar with the kindness of everyone around me after I joined the company. We all have the opportunity to talk with the management team regularly, and I think the company cares about the new workers relatively well.

Although I joined the company with no experience in practice, I was able to add knowledge through OJT after joining the company, and I feel all the colleague help each other with or without experience. So even if you don’t have experience, I’d like them to join and challenge with us. Of course, as I was taught by seniors, I would like to be able to support a new person next time. There are still many things to learn but I am so excited!

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