Let's make
some exciting future
with people who can
enjoy “changing”

Operating officer
IT Division Division Manager
Joined a company in 2008


1. Reasons of joining a company, current work contents

Since I was a student (it was just the dawn of the internet), I felt that I would like to get an IT job that will be at the center of the future. I am happy to be consistently involved in IT projects, and I have been working over ten years now. I have been in charge of various projects such as system development and application development for a wide variety of genres, but now the weight of building a school-related information application is increasing. It is a large project to gain few hundred thousand US dollars with involving external partners. From requirements definition to the development process, we accept it while communicating directly with clients.

2. Work reward and attractiveness of the company

In a word, I think it is "the breadth of work that can be handled". Even if I look back on myself, I have been standing at a booth at an exhibition, I have made a manual, and I am in a position of general work and public relations. I have experienced various positions/roles. Even if I look over other members in the company, the people who specialize in one job are minor, and many people play various roles I think.

And I realize that experience values that are not limited to what I think as my main work as we say "outside the scope of the assumption" later become various "Available/Living" experiences. Such scenes have become especially popular recently. Currently, we are also working on projects with overseas development teams, and I feel that the range of skills naturally has been expanded while facing daily work/projects in front of me. To acquire a wide range of experiences beyond stereotyped images such as “This kind of work because of this kind of job”. I think that is a big attraction of our company.

3. What kind of people would you like to join to your team?

As a division, we are looking for engineers who can handle customer interviews-design-meetings. Thanks to the fact that we have received many project requests, we would like to strengthen our system so that we can accept each project more smoothly and maintaining the quality. In addition, as the company celebrates its 10th anniversary last year (2018), We are trying to go to another higher rank stage. It's also the time to set up a “new challenge” in each section, so I would like to see a person who has a spirit of being a venture and “trying new things without fear of change”.

As a company with many opportunities to experience "I never imagined" as I thought myself, I’d like to create a new future with people who can enjoy changing.

Daily Schedule

Meeting with client

Give instructions to development members

Creating basic design

Meeting with management team

Meeting with team member

Create proposal

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