I’d like to provide
the best high school days
for the students who
choose us.

Education division
Joined a company in 2015


1. Reasons of joining a company, current work contents

I joined the company via job change site. I originally worked as a writer and wanted to do some "writing work", so I applied to our company, which was looking for a technical writer at the time. Although what I experienced was a copywriter's job, so the genre was completely different. But I decided to join the company, because the personnel in charge were kind enough to respond.

After that, I was transferred to another department (the business department of BtoC) based on my previous work experience, etc., and various remarks have been made to reach the present. The education division which I am currently belong to, operates and manages a correspondence high school, and is entrusted with advertising for new students, care and support for current students.

2. Work reward and attractiveness of the company

Before joining the company, I had never imagined I would be involved in running a school (support school). My job type was different, and the company wasn’t even running this education business when I joined the company. However, now I could meet lots of great high school students and getting positive energy from them. It is very rewarding to be able to closely interact with the students, to be able to communicate and see their growths right away.

Also it is also exciting to cooperate with many other fields professionals such as music, sports, airline, chef, beauty, etc. and working together. Being able to experience different worlds is simply interesting and very exciting.

3. What kind of people would you like to join to your team?

We are steadily growing, but as a education division, we need more achievement. From now on, I would like to strengthen the division so that we can accept more students. Since I am working to take care of adolescents students for the important three years and guiding them while being close to each other, I think that I would like people who can carefully think of the students as a major premise, and those who have responsibility to join our team.

In addition, the business management system is also being created one by one while repeating trial and error. There are many undeveloped parts, so it would be great if you could actively give ideas to those parts. There are many parts that are not perfect yet, but you can build up your workplace as you desire. I’d like to provide the best 3 years of their life for the students who chose us. I would like to work together with somebody who can move for this purpose.

Daily Schedule

Meeting with client

Making appointments

Introducing the schools

Communicate with students after coming back to the office

Meeting with future students who are interested in entering the school

Errands and sending brochures

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