IT Business

Provide one-stop solution for problem solving

Business system / Web system development

General site, EC site, business system etc, wide correspondence

AI Utilization / Collaboration product development

Development of tools and services that utilize AI technology to support business operations

Mobile application development

iOS / Android mobile application development

Solution Example
Document Solution
  • Construction and operation support for document management CMS compatible with multiple formats by using XML and DITA
  • Construction and operation support of translation system with multilingual support
Education Solution
  • School Information System
  • Construction and operation support of e-learning and LMS (learning management system) that supports its efficient operation


Provide a variety of learning forms,
centered on the management of credit-based / correspondence high school

Operation support and management of
credit-based / correspondence high school

Provide an environment where various circumstances
can graduate from high school

Special support education
ICT materials development

Development and provision of teaching materials
using tablets and PCs

Providing ICT learning system
for public elementary and junior high school

Building a platform to realize classes that are not depends on distance or time

School / Campus marketing support

ICT supports the provision of information and
services necessary for school administration


Produce "Easy to understand" manual/contents to improve work efficiency and raise human resources

Making Manuals

Production, improvement proposal, and internal work support of instruction manual making full use of abundant know-how

Video Production

Produce video content that makes it easy to understand tasks and operation explanations that are difficult to convey only by texts and illustrations

E-learning Content Creation

Production of learning content by CG animation using design data (3D CAD etc.), virtual training by VR / MR etc.

Production Example
Office Automation Equipment Field

Copier / laser printer etc.

  • Instruction manual
  • Technical materials for customer engineers
  • Promotional materials
  • Manual video
Industrial Machinery Field

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment / FPR manufacturing equipment / machining center etc.

  • Safety, Installation, Operation, Maintenance Manual
  • 3D animation for e-learning
  • Technical translation
  • Construction of translation support system, operation support