About coolied, Inc

About coolied, Inc

Company Name
coolied, Inc.
June, 2008
Number of Employees
President and Chief Executive Officer
Yasuki Onozaki
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Kotaro Ichikawa
Special Advisor
Yo Ito
Masashi Toeda
Outside Director
Noriaki Uekusa
Outside Chief Technology Officer
Kazutaka Kurihara


905 Fuji view tower Iidabashi 1-6-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0071
Shin Yokohama Branch
714 Nisso Dai 18 Bldg 3-7-18 Shin Yokohama, Minato Kita-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 222-0033
Yamanashi Branch (Business Center)
Best Life Bldg. 4F 1559 Shimizuarai, Showa-cho nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi 409-3867

History and Development

Moved our Kofu branch to a new location and changed that location to the Yamanashi Branch. [New Location: Best Life Bldg. 4F 1559 Shimizuarai, Showa-cho nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi]
henged company name. [New Company Name: coolied, Inc.]
Moved the headquarters of our Shimokitazawa Office to a new location. [New Headquaters Location: 905 Fuji view tower Iidabashi, 1-6-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo]
Moved our Yokohama headquarters to a new location and changed that location to the Shin Yokohama Branch. [New Location: 714 Daini Ueno Bldg3-7-18 Shin Yokohama, Minato Kita-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa]
Established business center at Kofu branch.
Established Shimokitazawa branch as a education business base.
Established education business division to start full-fledged development of education business.
Moved Kofu branch to the new location. [Aida Bldg. 5F 2-4-8 Sumiyoshi, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi]
Moved headquarters from Akasaka to Shin Yokohama, and closed down Akasaka office.
Took over document creation divition, Shin Yokohama branch, and Kofu branch from Interface Technology, inc..
Established Manualnet, corp. in Tokyo.

CEO Message

“It is wonderful to have such a rewarding job!”
  This is how I expressed my sincerest feelings in a single sentence. I discovered this rewarding opportunity in 2013, five years after I established our company in 2008. That amazing opportunity is to provide support for “resolving social polarization and labor problems”. Perhaps, some people may think that it is inappropriate to feel “happiness” when facing problems regarding disparity. Although, I would like to cherish the attitude that “when you can solve one problem, you feel great pleasure,” and this sensation is the essence of coolied, Inc. The term “social polarization” is an expression that may be not familiar to most Japanese people. However, it is now said that “one in six Japanese people” is relatively poor, and in reality there are many people who predict that the gap between rich and poor in Japan will increase even further. In the meantime, I was taught by someone that “In order to solve the social polarization problem, knowledge and educational background are necessary.” I set up the education division and started the operation/management business for high school correspondence courses. For those people who have given up on high school life for various reasons or who are likely to give up (especially people who can not go to high school because they would rather spend time to make their dream come true), it is a system that provides opportunities to acquire a GED, while firmly working towards your dream. By starting the administration of these correspondence high school courses and interacting with the students, we are beginning to be convinced that “knowledge, wisdom, educational background is necessary” to have fulfilling life. With regards to “labor problems,” it is said that the labor force in Japan will be 2/3 of what it is now when we reach 2050. On the other hand, everyone wants their standard of living at the same level or even better. If that is the case, who is going to “provide products and services to satisfy our standard of living?” We are considering two approaches to solving this problem. “Accepting foreign workers” and “using power other than human beings.” “Manuals that help to quickly familiarize foreign workers with culture and to help them be able to become work-ready” are necessary. As for using power other than human beings, we are also proceeding quickly with AI development in the manual production and document business. Our IT department is beginning to utilize “AI (artificial intelligence)” as well. In January 2018, we changed the company name to “coolied, Inc.”. The origin is “cool (best!) + IT (IT business) + Education (education business) + Documentation (document business). This is the created word by us to hopefully make each business more important in the eyes of others. All of this will simultaneously lead to solving social problems! The staff of our company also wish to solve these problems. Now, we are working on solving disparity and labor problems in all IT, educational, and document business projects, but the more we tackle it, the more we know the depth of the problem and at times I feel the huge challenge of this problem. However, we will rise to the challenge and we won’t be afraid to complete our goals. We will continue doing our best and contribute even more to solving these problems. Thank you.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Yasuki Onozaki